? Zhejiang Medical & Health Group


ZMH's North Zhejiang medical center starts construction

A first-class "medical, health, health and tourism" integration demonstration project in northern Zhejiang province.

First Doctor's Day Celebration Conference

On the afternoon of August 18, Zhejiang Medical and Health Group held its first "Chinese Doctor's Day" celebration

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Group Introduction
Zhejiang Medical & Health Group (ZMH Group) is China's first provincial-government medical & health industrial investment and development platform which is jointly invested and established by 5 state-owned large enterprises , namely, Zhejiang Tourism Group,Juhua Group Corporation, Zhejiang Energy Group Co., Ltd., Hangzhou Iron & Steel Group Company and Zhejiang State-owned Capital Operation Co., Ltd.
  • zmhgroup@126.com
  • 0571-87034789
  • No.198 Wuxing Road, Jianggan District, Hangzhou
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  • ZMH Quzhou Hospital,
  • ZMH Hangzhou Hospital,
  • ZMH Changxing Hospital,
  • Zhejiang Renxing pharmaceutical,
  • Hangzhou Yagu Spring Resort,
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